Win for girls basketball

Maddie Patton, Sports Columnist

      In their 10th game of the season, the girls had a successful game against Lewisville at home on Friday, Nov. 30. The crowd of parents were fired up and ready to support the home team.

     The starting players for the game were seniors Haley Wray, Grace Mitchell, Binna Kim and Wilma Afunugo and junior Haley Shearer. This lineup was a perfect pick by their coaches and their strong start helped them stay ahead for the entire game. Plano received the ball first and Mitchell quickly took the ball to score on Lewisville. During the first quarter, the team did a great job using each other’s strengths to defend their territory. The girls were on fire from the very start, which gave them a 16-point lead. The score at the end of the quarter was 24 to 8. Again, in the second quarter the girls’ defense was at its high. After several attempted shots, Mitchell scored. Lewisville had some very strong points as well. Their most significant skill was their ability to drop back with the ball and shoot many 3-pointers. Plano’s opponents were relentlessly getting fouls, mainly for pushing other players. The quarter went by quickly and Plano’s score just kept rising. The crowd rose to its feet as senior Lucy Gentry shot the last basket of the half. Kim also was on her game during this half, bringing in 8 points for the team. Plano had a 21-point lead at the end of the half with 47 points.

     At the start of the second half, Wray caught the tip-off and drove the ball down to score. Quickly after, junior Kylee Guthrie got her first foul while blocking a Lewisville player’s shot. During the third quarter, the girls were very aggressive, and they got several penalties. Afunugo and junior Kara Mitchell scored back-to-back baskets. The players did a great job rebounding after one of their teammates missed the shot. The end of the quarter left Lewisville behind 24 points. Plano had possession of the ball at the start of the fourth quarter, and it was easy to see that the other team was losing steam and were having a hard time keeping up. The Plano coaches used the entire lineup, so each player got a chance to play and did not get overused, something the other coaches might have done differently. The final shot of the game was made by Guthrie,  a 3-pointer. The final score of the game was 79 to 40.


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