Hockey game ends in defeat

Maddie Patton, Sports Columnist

On Thursday Jan. 10, the hockey team played Coppell in a heated game at the Dr. Pepper StarCenter Arena in Frisco. It is halfway through their season and their record is 7-8.

The team started out looking stronger and more focused, with seniors Luke Wodka, Michael Sax and juniors Garrett Finn, Graham Hinkle and Logan Weinert, the goalie for the duration of the game, as the starting lineup. Wodka and Sax worked together to shoot the first goal of the game, but it was quickly deflected by Coppell’s goalie. Several more attempted scores followed, none of which were successful. The team’s attitude changed after Coppell scored the first two points of the game.  To start off the second period, junior Parker Meade, who has been off the ice with a severe concussion, entered the game and was soon put into the penalty box for slashing, hitting another player with a stick above the waist. The crowd joined in with his frustration booing and shouting at the referees. The opponent scored another three points leaving the boys farther behind. Their energy diminished and their anger increased quickly into the third period. Tripping, slashing and hooking were just some of the penalties made by Plano. The ending buzzer suddenly rang and the realization of defeat set in. The final score was 6 to 0.

This isn’t the end of the season. There are eight games remaining, so there is plenty of time for the team to get their act together.