Girls’ soccer ties East on Feb. 19

Maddie Patton, Sports Columnist

The team played Plano East on Tuesday, Feb. 19 at Clark. It was a high-energy game with many highs and lows.

At the starting kick-off, Plano established dominance by gaining possession immediately. The ball was passed to senior Katie Huff who then attempted to score. However, the ball was deflected just barely by the East goalie. Both team’s defenses were strong, keeping the girls from scoring at each attempt. The home team’s goalie, freshman Sara Heady, never stood still while guarding her goal and continuously shouted across the field to her teammates. The players kept their energy up communication and never lost focus. Junior Ana Gleibs, a very aggressive player, was ready and open to receive a pass and was quick to run to her teammates’ aid. Toward the end of the first half, East stole the ball back and had an open shot to score the first goal of the game. From then on, the girls became visibly more aggressive. Huff is one player who stands out; her perseverance and determination throughout the entire game never ends. She is the player who continually fights for the whole team.

At the start of the last half, every player’s stamina was just as strong as the beginning. Senior Kathryn Danhauser and freshman Katelyn Bub were put into the game. These two players were an important asset to the team’s offensive skills. Danhauser’s speed and Bub’s strength were powerhouses led to Plano’s first goal of the game. However, the biggest downfall for the team was accidental passes directly into East’s control. The clock ran out, leaving the game in a tie.