Varsity Girls Basketball: Plano vs. Hebron

Anna Villano, Staff Writer

Now with a winning record of 3-0, girls’ varsity basketball celebrated their win against Hebron with a score of 50-38.

Starting the game off strong with momentum from the junior varsity 57-27 win earlier on in the night, varsity presented long-standing defense and consistently successful trips to the basket, pulling them ahead of Hebron from the get-go. Hebron’s low shooting percentage and unfinished fast breaks could not keep up with the steals from sophomore Lexie Rodriguez and showering three pointers from senior Kylee Guthrie. The solid leadership of senior point guard Haley Shearer allowed Plano to end the first half with their highest lead of the night, 30-13.

The beginning of the second half began to look uneasy for the Wildcats. Hebron’s speed and momentum grew, scoring them seventeen points in the third quarter alone, with Plano only scoring five. Luckily, Hebron’s fouls were just as abundant as their points. In the last half, Plano made thirteen total free throws, five of which came from senior Ogo Obinabo. With Hebron in double bonus by the fourth quarter, the essential trips to the free throw line allowed the Wildcats to hold on to the lead for good, bringing them another win.