Varsity girls basketball: Plano vs. Boyd recap

Girls varsity basketball adds another win to district play, having beat McKinney Boyd 55-36 standing with a total record of 18-5 and a district record of 2-0.

Both teams started the game off slow with many attempted but unsuccessful shots. Boyd’s defense was no match against steals and fast breaks from junior Kara Mitchell and senior Kylee Guthrie in the first half. Though Plano’s careful offense began to lose balance by the end of first quarter, Boyd’s turnovers also became more frequent. Coming out of the teetering score, the Lady Wildcats ended the first half with a promising lead of 33-17.

Boyd came back from halftime with quick, determined man to man defense that tested Plano’s offensive plays. With senior Courtney Loveland’s quick ball movement keeping the offense alive paired with senior Ogo Obinabo’s fortitude in the paint, it was tough for Boyd to make a comeback. Piling on fouls and getting into double bonus, Plano’s victory became clearer, ultimately ending with the 19 point win.

Loveland sees this success as a promising sign for the rest of the district games, claiming this is only the beginning of many more district victories.

“This was a really great win,” Loveland said. “It really sets the tone for what we hope to see for the rest of the season.”