Varsity girls basketball: Plano vs. Plano West recap

The Lady Wildcats ended their highly-anticipated game against Plano West with an upsetting three point loss, 56-53. Their overall record now stands at 19-6 and their district record at 2-1.

The players opened the game with evident nervousness and unsure plays leading to many turnovers from both teams. The balance eventually came within the opening minutes with senior Kylee Guthrie’s first of many three point shots. With four additional points rolling in just seconds later, Plano’s quick and careful offense forced West to sacrifice their first timeout only two minutes into the first quarter. West soon began to answer back with showering three pointers in the second quarter, but floaters from senior Ogo Obinabo and junior Kara Mitchell highlighted the Wildcats’ abilities to take on the heat. Plano continued to struggle to sustain their lead, but aggressive defense from sophomore Lexi Rodriguez and necessary free throws from senior Haley Shearer temporarily solidified Plano’s lead at the end of the half with the score 31-25.

The second half was just as high in energy. Guthrie opened the third quarter with yet another three point shot, living up to her nickname of “Kylee GuTHREE.” West, with strong posts and outside shooters, eventually closed the gap in the score, 34-34. Consecutive three pointers from senior Courtney Loveland and Guthrie and another floater from Mitchell once again extended the lead and obligated West to call another timeout. The fourth quarter opened with careless turnovers from Plano, due mostly to lack of presence in the paint. With fouls left and right, both teams eventually got into bonus, but West ultimately came in more clutch than Plano. Guthrie’s missed three point shot at the fourth quarter’s final buzzer sealed the Lady Wildcats’ loss, 56-53.

Plano plays West again on Jan. 31 at 7:30 p.m. in hopes to get their comeuppance.