Drill team faces antagonism from student section


Planoettes perform at a pep rally on Sept. 12. Photo by Terry Quinn.

Mari Brown, Staff Writer & Featured Columnist

Although the Planoettes and the student section are rooting for the same school, there have been tensions between the two — causing the drill team to have to sit with the band during football games.

It all started at the second football game of the season. The drill team sat in the student section for this particular game and junior Lieutenant Emmie Davis said that was when the tensions rose.

“The students were really rude to us,” Davis said. “When we walked down the field, they would give us these mean glares. I remember them chanting ‘Move the Planoettes, move the Planoettes.'”

According to drill team director Meredith Walraven, their original plan was to sit up with the band for all of the football games. However, they had to sit in the student section that night because bands from feeder schools were performing with the Plano band.

“They acted like that was the first time we’ve ever been in the student section,” Walraven said. “The Planoettes have been sitting there before I even started working here — eight years ago.”

However, over the years the student section has grown tremendously, causing the Planoettes to sit by the band during these games. According to Walraven, sitting next to the band ensures the well-being of her girls as well.

“We moved up for the safety of my girls,” Walraven said. “They booed and cussed at them. Obviously not everyone in the student section was doing this, but it was best for us to move and just let them be there.”

The actions of the student section might seem harsh to the members of the Planoettes, but Davis has been able to let their comments slide.

“At first I was upset about it,” Davis said. “But not anymore because we have more room by the band.”

According to Walraven, it is less hectic sitting by the band and it works out better for the drill team, but what the student section did was unnecessary.

“I didn’t like how it was handled,” Walraven said. “It was completely uncalled for, especially since those girls are their peers. I don’t mind moving up. It’s away from the craziness.”