Boys soccer kicks off season with a bang

Nathan Allen, Staff Writer

The varsity soccer season officially began, with the boys team opening the season on Jan. 6 with a 1-0 victory over Sachse High School.

“We’ve all been waiting long enough for the season to start,” junior goalkeeper Jacob Niece said. “It was awesome that we got to start it off on such a good note.”

Now that they are done with off-season, the games will count and they cannot let up.

“It’s about time that we get the opportunity to show people what we are made of,” Niece said. “As long as we play like we have been in practice, then we can compete with anyone.” 

Now that the season is underway, they are going to have a good reason to play their hearts out.”

— Doug Adams, head coach

According to Niece, head coach Doug Adams had been tough on him before the start of the season so that he would be ready for the team’s first game.

“Near the end of the off-season, Coach Adams started working us harder than usual,” Niece said. “We just needed to get back into mid-season form to be ready for our first game back.”

Adams has also been helping the team prepare for the regular season by getting them to focus more when they practice.

“During practice, I like to tell the students to pretend they’re in an actual game,” Adams said. “More often than not, they play harder and don’t fool around.”

It doesn’t matter how skilled a team may be, in order to be great, they must have chemistry.

“This team has a lot of talented players with loads of potential,” Adams said. “It’s my job to make sure they are all on the same page.”

Despite their new mentality during practice, according to Adams, the team never really plays their hardest unless they are playing in a real game.

“Now that the season is underway, they are going to have a good reason to play their hearts out,” Adams said.