Golf looking to swing its way to state

Team preparing for run at state tournament

Anahit Hakobyan, Staff Writer

     After gaining experience and improving their scoring from last season, the golf team is hoping to make a run at state.

     The highest scoring players are senior Jackson Bell with a 72.29 average, senior Joshua Erwin with a 77.86 average and senior Torri Leugng with a 81.67 average for the fall.

      Returning players have been working hard to improve their skills. The biggest improvements that have been made is in their performance as well as competing in tournaments. 

     “Last season I felt like we were one of the top competitors in the state and to improve this year we need to practice harder to be the best,” Bell said.

     Everyone has made an attempt to better the team after last season, they didn’t reach their anticipated goal, but have been working on improvements. 

     “Our team didn’t do so great last season, but I feel like more focused practice sessions can bring out the best player in all of us,” Erwin said.  

     Both teams have high aspirations for their upcoming season. They have put more effort and time into playing better games.

     “The team needs to improve their performance by playing in external tournaments, the more they play the better they get,” coach Dennis Adam said. 

     Adam also said golfers need to be able to focus more and react quickly while playing golf. 

     “Golf isn’t a traditional team sport, it’s a little different golfers need to work on the fundamentals and avoiding errors it is the best way to practice,” Adam said.  

     Coach Steve O’Kelly thinks the girls have been making big strides in their game. 

     “The girls experience and course management has improved, short game and eliminating big scores will help tremendously in finishing higher in tournaments,” O‘Kelly said. 

      The girls are young and they are learning more and more with tournaments, practice and private lessons.

          “During the private lessons they learn point of views that they haven’t seen before and how to improve putting and chipping,” Adam said. 

     The boys had a district preview tournament at Gentle Creek in Prosper on Nov. 4, where Bell came away with a second place finish.

      “They competed against some fantastic golfers,” O’Kelley said. “I’m very proud of them.”