Cheer continues amongst pandemic

Like many sports and clubs, cheer has found ways to bring up school spirit in troubling times


Courtesy of Rose Wright

Cheer performing their routine for the virtual pep-rally

Dylan Kinney, Newspaper Sections Supervisor

     Though the Corona pandemic has taken a toll on the school year, Plano’s cheerleaders are putting on a smile and look forward to their upcoming season.

     The world seemed to change instantly during spring break, as the frightening virus spread across the globe. Schools were forced to shut down and finish the year via virtual learning. As the new year begins, schools are trying to re-open as safely as possible. Extra-curricular activities such as cheer are working on normalizing the new procedures.

     “We take COVID precautions very seriously,” Head Coach, Rebecca Keliikuli said. “We are strictly following the 6ft apart and mask rule; and if anyone feels uncomfortable, they can practice from home.”

     The cheer team will be one of the organizations attending the football games. This season differs from any other due to the new rules that will be enforced. At the games, low capacity will be required in the stadiums; allowing fans to sit at a social distance. And of course, a mask is required to be worn the whole time. 

     “We are very appreciative to have the opportunity to continue playing our senior year,” Captain Jade Martinez said. “We can’t wait to see everyone at the games.”

     There is no doubt this pandemic has caused a lot of unexpected changes. Everyone is doing their best to continue on with life as they adapt to this new environment. Though there is a ton of uncertainty for the year ahead, the cheer team advises students to not let the stress overcome them. 

     “At the end of the day, we are all going through this together.” cheerleader, Breyanna Neville said. “Try to remember that you are not alone and we can still make this year a positive and memorable one.”