Boys Basketball transitions into new season

Plano Boys Basketball tries to keep up with changes in upcoming season


Photo courtesy of Lauryn Clemons

JV Boys Basketball playing at a game

Maya Pragji, Student Life Editor

     As Plano treads into winter and the second semester of this school year, they also cheer the Plano Wildcats onto the basketball court.

     This season the boys are facing uncharted territories due to COVID. Though their official district play has not started; the boys have been catching a glimpse of how COVID will affect their approaching season. The boys have been experiencing some of the season regulations during their first few games of the season, however they always look forward to playing together with their Plano family. The biggest impact COVID has had on basketball thus far has been the limited practice time.

     “Early on in the offseason we were only allowed to practice for an hour at a time which affected us because we weren’t able to get everyone to understand the offense and feel comfortable, said senior Broc Shields. “However we did get through it and everyone was able to feel comfortable.” 

     This is a common trend seen all across campus with other sports and academics. Students are being limited on their campus time and it is causing learning barriers in not only class but now on the court as well. Though some players are easy to see the downsides of COVID mixing with sports; this has made the players more aware and careful.

    “As a whole, my team has had to be more careful when we practice,” junior Dennis Sutton said. “We’ve also lost players for a few weeks if they were around someone who had Covid.”

     Some students at Plano Senior have been mandated to quarantine when exposed or potentially exposed to the virus, this being a precaution Plano is taking, however it has caused students to be more aware of their surroundings and choices. 

     “The pandemic didn’t affect me much really, I was able to workout by going to the park to get up shots,” junior Xavier Williams said. “Working out at home helped a lot actually.”

     This pandemic has changed our Plano sports in every way, but one thing the Plano Wildcats will always look forward to is being a part of a family.     

     “My favorite part about Plano Basketball is the family, everyone wants to see one another succeed and be the best they can be and push one another,” Williams said.

     The boys have all learned a lot from their teammates and coaches, they all can attest to Plano Basketball motivating them to push themselves to be the best they can be.

     “The biggest thing I’ve learned is just to never quit,” Shields said. “Always work hard and do your best. Also at the same time you just have to have fun and enjoy what you’re doing.”

     It is easy to see that despite the challenges faced this year the team still continues to push on and enjoy themselves and their time together. Some of these boys are playing their last season of basketball ever, but will take away life lessons and friends that will stick with them forever. 

     “Being in the Plano Basketball program has allowed me to get better at the game,” Sutton said. “The program has also helped me become a better person and form successful habits.”