Lady Wildcats Take The Court

Plano Wildcat volleyball season is in full swing


Photo courtesy of yearbook

Penelope Hurtado, Staff Writer

    Volleyball season is in full swing and the Plano Wildcats Volleyball team has a 1-4  record so far in the 6-6A district standings. 

      Although the start of district play has been rocky, it’s nothing that the Lady Wildcats can’t handle. 

     “We have had some huge wins this season and some heartbreaking losses, but we have amazing young ladies in Plano Volleyball who believe in the culture that is being built and work hard every day,” Plano Senior High Head Volleyball Coach Lindsey Petzold said. 

     The lady wildcats are making adjustments game to game to help prepare against the tough competition in the DFW area.

     “Every game, whether a win or lose, we come into practice the next day ready to work towards the next game and focus on the specific aspects of how to better our overall game rather than focusing on the past,” senior Mary Gazda said.

      The lady wildcats focus on winning games one set at a time and bringing high energy to games to help secure wins.

     “Winning games set by set help us use that momentum to walk into any gym and help us come out with a lot of competitive energy.” senior Naylani Feliciano said.

     The Lady Wildcats still have a long journey ahead of them but that isn’t putting a stop to their perseverance and determination to help push them to the playoffs.

     “I hope that we continue to work together to win and preserve,” senior Sammy Schilt said.

“We know as a team we aren’t as tall as the other teams but we have a stronger bond and more passion and that’s what’s going to take us to [the] playoffs,”