Wildcat Football Looks Ahead


Michaela James

Wildcat Football Team runs onto the field before their game against Keller Central.

Nehemiah Christopher

     With the kickoff of a new season for football, everyone is excited to go out to the games and support the team. 

      The Wildcats played against Byron Nelson for the first game of the season. They suffered a rough loss of 41-12, but they have not given up for this season and will keep up their drive for the playoffs. 

      “I’m really excited for the season and even though we had a rough first game, I’m hoping we can make an actual playoff push,” senior Drew Forkner said. “I play football because I love the game and my dad got me obsessed with it.”

     The team is staying positive and working hard so that they can push forward and make it to the playoffs this season. 

      “I’m confident that we will win all of our games,” junior Jaxon Lee said. “Byron Nelson was the best team we played, but I’m sure we can win the rest of our games.”

     As the Keller Central game came to pass, the varsity football team worked hard for their one point 35-34 victory. The JV team had a great victory of 42-0. The Wildcats are looking forward to keeping their winning streak alive in their next game against Arlington Bowie. 

     “I’m feeling good and confident about our next game; We have watched footage on them and our linemen are good so we’re ready,” sophomore Jacob Bodendein said. “I want everyone to keep coming to our games; We love the spirit.”