Houston Astros Win World Series


Alexis Davis, Staff Writer

     The 2022 World Series ended with the Houston Astros winning four games out of seven. The series began with the Philadelphia Phillies coming back in the tenth inning to pull out the first win of the series, this being one of the two wins the team achieved during this year’s World Series. 

     The second game took place at home for the Astros. The Astros led with a 5-0 score until the Phillies tacked on a run in the seventh and ninth inning, The Astros were able to hold on to their lead. 

     The series went to Citizens Bank Ballpark in Philadelphia for the third game, where Phillies came out guns a-blazing to beat the Astros 7-0. 

     In game four the Astros once again tied up the series with a no-hitter. The only two base runners for the Phillies came off of walks issued by Christian Javier. This game will go down in World Series history making it the second time there has been a no-hitter during the World Series. The Astros won this game 5-0. 

     After game four, the teams were left with a two-game tie going into the fifth game. During the series, home-field advantage proved to not affect the Astros’ game. During the regular series the Astros winning average for away and home proved to be quite similar.

     The fifth and final game in Philadelphia came down to the last three outs. When Astros center fielder, Chas McCormick, made an impressive catch at the wall to prevent J.T. Realmuto from getting extra bases. The game ended with a tight 3-2 victory for the Astros. 

     With the series coming back to Houston, the Astros had the momentum and home-field advantage. The sixth inning ended up being the only inning for either team to earn runs. By 10:15 that night, Houston was celebrating clinching the 2022 World Series title in a 4-1 win This victory made skipper Dusty Baker, the oldest manager to win a World Series.

      This being the second World Series win for the Astros, Houston celebrated with a giant parade resulting in the cancellation of schools in many independent school districts surrounding the city.