Work load takes control: Comparing work load from sophomore year to junior year

Kathy Santiago, Staff Writer

Work load has no age limit.  Teachers, professors, and mentors throw piles of books at students like the student is blood thirsty for knowledge. In recent studies, “Causes of Stress on Students” shows that awful time management,    extended extracurricular activities, and strenuous work load can causes them to be depress or unmotivated to work.

“It’s like I’m dying of torture,” junior Aisha Farooqi said.

Farooqi is an A student who challenged herself entering into AP English. The papers; the literary devices, and persuasive essays were some of the main challenges she faced.

“I was bummed out by all the persuasive essays we had to write,” Farooqi said. “It’s especially hard trying to persuade someone when you never experienced a certain situation before.”

Before her junior year, Farooqi attended Jasper High School as a sophomore and took speech. Filling out practice job applications and creating her own invention for a business company drained her emotions physically and mentally, she said. The classes were assigned two pages of vocabulary every other night, plus with the regular worksheets they had to finish.

“Speech was the toughest class I took in my sophomore year,” Farooqi said. “The homework and projects were intense.”

When Farooqi was set into groups of four, each member had to write two pages of The Beatles history and accomplishments. Some of the group members didn’t do the requirements for the project, and Farooqi had to take out extra time of her day and edit eight papers in one night.

“I was up till three in the morning still editing papers,” Farooqi said. “I barely get enough sleep as it is.”

One of the other projects students had to face in class was business ads. This assignment was the final grade of the year and took two months to finish.

“We had to fill out job applications and practice leaving voicemails to company’s in front of the class,” Farooqi said. “But creating an invention was the worst out of the whole project.”

Farooqi had to come up with and invention that can be sold worldwide and interest the company she’s selling too. She also had to wear a professional suit and present her presentation to the class.

“Even with all the work I had to do, it was worth being there and meeting new friends,” Farooqi said. “But all I really wanted was a nap.”

“Last year was horrible,” junior Becky Dowd said.

Dowd also attended Jasper High School during her sophomore year and World History was a big challenged she had to face.

“I’m always scared that I’ll fail a test when the teacher doesn’t hand out reviews,” Dowd said. “With only notes it’s hard to figure out what’s exactly going to be on the test.”

With a class of 20 students, Dowd tries to take out all the distractions from the class and focus on her work. When Dowd needs help, she goes in the morning for tutoring and asks questions of what can help her on the test.

“I try to get as much help as possible,” Dowd said. “But, sometimes it’s too much.”

]     Through these two students, it really does show how work load can take control.