Junior Class President Elected

Rachel Romanczukiewicz, Staff Writer

     After weeks of campaigning and a run-off vote between two students, the final votes have been counted and the junior class president has been chosen. Junior Binna Kim won the title of junior class president after a getting the most votes in a run-off vote between her and fellow competitor, Christopher Pickleseimer. 

     “I am very ready to take on the role and so honored I was elected by my peers,” Kim said. “The presidency means being given the honor of being the voice of my junior class and being given the responsibility of making their voices and thoughts into actions.”

     Kim won the support of her peers through the use of customized “Binna 4 Prez” t-shirts, a Facebook group and car paint. Kim and her friends decorated their cars to show their support for Kim.

     “I luckily have many friends that fit into the loud and obnoxious section,” Kim said. “I really owe it to them for getting the word out to many different groups of students.”

     Kim was also supported by fellow competitors for the title, who believed that Kim would be good representative for the junior class.

     “[She] has had much experience in leading and with Student Congress,” junior Monica Plenger said. “She also relates to people really well, and I know she genuinely cares about our school.”

     Kim believes she is suited for the role of junior class president due to her previous leadership roles in various associations such as PALS and Girls of Jasper.

     “My favorite part [of PALS] was definitely a mentoring commitment we had at Gulledge Elementary,” Kim said. “I met a first grade boy who ended up really impacting my life.”

     Kim is also involved in other school activities, such as Student Congress and basketball. Kim has played on the team since her freshman year, which helped develop her school pride from the beginning of high school.

     “I grew up in the culture that is Plano,” Kim said.

     Kim believes that more involvement in school as a family can also help to increase school pride.

     “Both of my siblings were very involved at Plano, which also got my parents very involved,” Kim said. “I guess you could say it’s in my blood.”

     Kim’s older siblings both served as class presidents during their high school years. However, this did not cause pressure for Kim.

     “My siblings, who also were class presidents, really made sure that there was no pressure to run if I didn’t want to,” Kim said. “With or without this ‘dynasty’, I was definite about wanting to try.”

     One of Kim’s goals for the school year is to increase the amount of school spirit in every student.

     “I want the same amount of people that flood the stands at football games to be at volleyball and other sport games,” Kim said.  “I want to have pride in every student here.”                     

     Kim’s speech to the junior class focused on her plans to increase student involvement in other activities that may interest them. Kim wishes to do this through the use of banners and potentially a suggestion box for peers to drop off their ideas so that every person can be involved.

     “I really want everyone single person to feel involved,” Kim said. “I believe [this] further leads to a stronger love for the school.”

     Due to the re-zoning, Kim hopes to be able to reach out to students of Clark High School.

     “I really want to spread our Plano pride to Clark High School now, so they will be just as excited to come to our amazing school as we are to have them here in a couple of years,” Kim said.

     Kim also plans to help her fellow students grow through their involvement in the school and creating opportunities for students.

     “I believe ceasing and experiencing an opportunity is the one thing that allows people to shape into who they want to be,” Kim said. “These last two years at Plano, I hope I can create many opportunities to get everyone plugged into the school.”

     Kim plans to utilize every day fully and not miss out on any opportunities for involvement.

     “These are our last two years in high school,” Kim said. “I don’t want to lose even one day to missed opportunities.”

     With the implementation of her plans, Kim hopes to make the year memorable for the class of 2013.

     “Why waste a solid year?” Kim said. “Let’s make junior year something to look back on.”