Introducing the Online Columnists

Wildcat Tales Online is proud to introduce three new online columnists for the 2011 – 2012 school year. Danielle Dereleau, Kathy Santiago, and Haley Bunnell will be writing columns on a regular basis. Their stories will serve to entertain and inform the readers of the online paper.

Danielle Deraleau

Almost anything is fair game for Danielle’s column. She gets her ideas from all over the place. If she sees something or hears about something that interests her, then that will be her next topic to write about. She also gets a lot of ideas from other students about what her next topic should be. Danielle loves to write about things that everyone can relate to, make people laugh, and write a column people look forward to reading.

Kathy Santiago

Writing fictional stories has been Kathy’s hobby since her freshman year. When she writes, she wants her readers to get lost in her stories. She hopes that people can experience the emotions that are found in her works. Kathy wants her columns to leave an impact on the readers that they will not forget.

Haley Bunnell

Through the course of the year, Haley Bunnell’s columns will portray her passion for writing mixed with the comical and somewhat informative events that goes through her life. The life of Haley Bunnell will be revealed. She wants to share some of her memories, to help others learn from her mistakes or even brighten their day.