Homecoming Queen Nominee: Laura Gammon

Stephanie Jabri, Staff Writer

Q: How does being nominated make you feel?
A: It makes feel happy and appreciative to go to a school like Plano that has so many awesome people. I’m really excited. I’m excited for the parade and the Homecoming game and everything that comes with it.

Q: How do you act that would make people want to nominate you?
A: I’m nice to everyone and friendly. I love people. My friends would describe me as happy and a little weird. I smile a lot and I’m talkative, and I give really good hugs.

Q: What would your reaction be if you were crowned?
A: I would be surprised and really happy. I would probably scream and do something very embarrassing. I would be happy to represent in that kind of way. I think [this year’s homecoming] is more special than last year’s because I’m a senior and it’s the last one at Plano.

Q: What do you think of this year’s HC Oscar theme versus last year’s theme of Arabian Nights?
A: I helped plan the dance last year, but I actually like this theme because I like movies. This year’s theme is a lot more glamorous. I was rooting for this theme or fairytale theme.

Q: What are your plans after high school?
A: I’m most likely going to UT, but my dream school would be Duke. I want to major in journalism, but it’s still up in the air and I’m not completely decided. Even though these are two completely opposite things, if I didn’t do journalism, I would want to go to med school and be a doctor. But I’m still deciding.