To buy or not to buy? Students discuss ordering mums versus making them

Ashley Gaudlip

     As students are preparing for homecoming, they are faced with the decision of buying a mum versus making one.

     Students who may not consider themselves as creative, or who want to have a more professional looking mum, are looking into the possibility of purchasing a mum, despite that the cost of purchasing a mum could be higher.

    “I’m buying one.” junior Davey Leo said.  “A guy I knew made a really bad mum for a girl last year, and she cried. Plus, I’m not too artistic.”

    Some students are also opting to buy a mum because they don’t know how to put one together.

    “I don’t really know how to make a mum, and neither does my mom.  I guess it’d be easier that way.  With buying, there were more options for me.  I didn’t really know what goes on a mum, other than what they have at the mum shop.” senior Richard Staymen said.  “It is probably cheaper for making it.  Buying one, this year, was 120 dollars for me.  [Making a mum] means more to your date and it can take more time, which can make it even more special.”

   When it comes to some of the draws of making a mum, some students are basing their decisions on all of the creativity, care and personality that they can put into it. 

   “It’s more personal.” senior Hailey Bell said.  It has more of an ‘I made it for you’ feel. I think the made mums are bigger and more extravagant.  I like making them; it’s more creative, more personal.

     Students may also lean towards making mums because of the resources Plano has for homemade mums.

     “They’re a little difficult to make, and then to make them last all day, too.  Although, we do have some repair people here in the art department and in the library to help them be repaired, even if they are professionally done.”  office staff member Pat McDaniel said.  “It’s a little tricky, but I think it’s a lot of fun.  I helped my daughter with hers, and my son with his when they went here, and I still have both of them hanging in their bedrooms.”

    Although, some students are opting to just go without a mum altogether.

    “Well, last year, we did mums and we spent a lot of money.  And, my date spent a lot of money on my garter.  In the end, we just thought it was annoying because we had to wear it all day.  My garter was super itchy.  We went to the homecoming game, and it rained, and our stuff got all wet, and people were stepping on them.  So, we just figured it wasn’t worth the hassle.” Senior Joshua Grelle said.  “You could use the money on going out and having more fun, and if you’re just buying the garter and the mum, it’s just a little trinket thingy that you don’t really need and you’re going to forget about in a couple years.”