Girl Power

Josh Spruchman, Staff Writer

Practicing Jujitsu and mixed martial arts for more than five years, senior Katelyn Warshaw has been continuing her mixed martial arts experience by entering into various tournaments to hone her skills. As well as taking part on a team of fighters.

“When I was in kindergarten I told my dad I wanted to do karate,” Warshaw said. “Then five years later he took me to USA martial arts. I did my first class and liked it so I signed up. I did it for six months and got my black belt then first degree and second degree.”

Katelyn trains with her instructor, Keiser, and is part of Team Minotauro Nogueira who is a famous UFC fighter from Brazil. Team Nogueira is based off big and little Nog Minotauro and Minotauro Nogueira their brothers and they live in Brazil which is where Warshaw’s instructor came from. UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship which is the largest mixed martial arts promotion company that hosts most of the top-ranked fighters in mixed martial arts and produces events worldwide

“UFC they fought like a couple of weeks ago and there just one of the biggest names that has been in jujitsu and I didn’t really realize that when I signed up,” Warshaw said. “ Now I learned the whole history behind the team so I’m in team Nogueira Dallas there also team Nogueira Tulsa and there one in LA so that was really cool so on our Gi we have patches for team Nogueira.”

Before Warshaw started practicing mixed martial arts she took part in various other sports like soccer and basketball which she quit so she could focus on her mixed martial arts.

“For a while I wasn’t in any competition so there was no stress with doing martial arts, just get better at, it is something that you motivate yourself through. There’s always improvement like rewards and stuff because you get your next belt.” Warshaw said.

Jujitsu and mixed martial arts are not just fighting styles for people to enter into tournaments or even recreation, but it is a way of defending oneself from harmful people.

“It’s really good for everyone to try. It helps your flexibility and your endurance and your stamina,” Warshaw said. “It’s a self-defense course. I worry about my friends who are afraid to go out. It helps to calm your fears and makes you feel more independent knowing you can defend yourself.”