From field to stage: Football players transition to theater

Brooke Combs, Staff Writer

     They practice for hours perfecting their performance in football for each game. But athletics might not be the only good thing they’re good at. In their free time they also perfect their performance on the stage. Junior Logen Kershaw was singing and dancing in class one day and his theater tech teacher wanted him to try out for the musical Curtains. He made it.

     “I’m Sid Bernstein, the husband, and I act,” Kershaw said. “But once I die, I’m a part of the chorus.”     

      Theater is nothing new to junior Michael Balistreri; he has been in theater since freshman year. Balistreri was on crew for the play Paganini during football season.

      “Practices normally ran so late that I didn’t get to go to any of the after-school rehearsals because they were over before football practice,” Balistreri said. “I would build during class and on the weekends.”

     Kershaw’s football schedule has affected his theater attendance as well. Due to practices, he has missed several rehearsals for the upcoming musical. But theater teacher Gregory Arp has been flexible with him.

     It is Kershaw’s first musical ever. He is excited to see what the outcome of his performance will be.

     “My friends say they’re going to come watch me and cheer me on,” Kershaw said. “They’re not really making fun of me, they’re being supportive.”      

     Kershaw must decide if theater is a class he wants to actually consider for his senior year.

     “It honestly depends on how I do in the actual musical,” Kershaw said. “Since it’s my first time being in a musical I will have to see how I do.”

      Because theater and football are two very different extra-curricular activities, it is difficult for Balistreri to decide which one he likes more.

      “Theater is more rewarding in the end because the rewards are more tangible. You built something and you have this production,” Balistreri said. “And football is more fun throughout.”

     Kershaw believes one is more important to him than the other.

     “I prefer football because I’ve been playing it for so long,” Kershaw. “I’ve been playing since I was 6 years old.”