International Club promotes understanding between cultures

Lydia Sebany, Staff Writer & Featured Columnist

A new club has come onto the scene and is bringing with it inspiration to students that want to dip their feet in many different cultures, no matter what their background.

The International Club was started this year after current president, junior Anning Xu, came to Plano from her previous 9-10 high school.

“I’m from Shepton, and they had a really big club called International Club,” Xu said. “It was like normally 40 to 60 people who joined the club. When I came here there was no International Club, so I wanted to start one.”

Xu’s purpose for the group is exemplified through her philosophy concerning the club.

“When you travel to other countries you need to know about their rituals and traditions,” Xu said. “I think it’s really important for people to understand each other and embrace the diversity, cultures and traditions.”

Within the walls of the school, students can only be taught about certain countries, but that does not limit those leading the club. Vice president junior Yeeun Jeon hopes to see students participate in different aspects of cultures.

“We planned the club to share the culture and share the special holidays so we can celebrate the all the holidays,” Jeon said.

Starting a new club comes along with recruiting fresh members, but for Xu, the process was easier than expected.

“I didn’t expect that many people to come,” Xu said. “But actually a lot of people came and they were really serious about it.”

However, there was a setback for those who were handed flyers advertising for the first meeting on Mon., Sept. 29. Some students who wanted to join believed that because they were not part of an ethnic background, they could not join.

“When we were passing out the flyers, some people thought they must come from another culture,” Xu said. “They thought ‘we are American, so we can’t join.'”

According to Xu, this is not the case. The International Club is for any and all students wishing to broaden their knowledge on what the world’s countries hold. Jeon believes the goals of the club will benefit every student.

“There are stereotypes and through this club I think we will learn we are the same human beings,” Jeon said. “There might be people that feel like they are not very welcome here because they have a different culture. I think it will break down the barriers more and unite into one group by getting to know each other.”