Readers delve into literature with Book Club


Members discuss books from the horror genre. “Book Club is nice because we don’t charge dues,”Sellars said,”It’s a really low pressure club.” Photo by Corey Picklesimer.

Corey Picklesimer, Staff Writer & Featured Columnist

At the head of the roundtable sits book club King Arthur, a.k.a. librarian Debbie Sellars, and her crew of knightly readers. This is the first Book Club meeting and club-goers armed with lunch and novels seem ready to delve into interesting reads.

As the club founder, Sellars said she was looking forward to start her sixth year as a librarian. The previous five years, she oversaw Book Club at Vines High School.

“Book Club is an exciting way for students to talk about and discuss all types of literature that they’re reading,” Sellars said. “I get great ideas from my Book Club students.”

Besides allowing students an outlet to talk about books, Book Club is a place to meet people with similar interests.

“I like Book Club because I get to meet students I wouldn’t otherwise know on a personal level,” Sellars said. “I get to find out what type of books they’re interested in, maybe find out some new trends.”

Every meeting, group member talk about what books they have been reading or what they want to read.

“I liked Book Club because it let me learn about new genres of books,” junior Sydney Landers, a past and current book club member, said. “It was also fun because we were able to help out other schools.”

To go along with being a safe place to talk about books, Book Club accepts readers from all reading levels and doesn’t require students to pay dues.

“Book Club is open to anyone,” Sellars said. “I have students from PACE all the way down to, believe it or not, special needs students that have challenges learning.”

Because it happens during lunch, students do not need to stay after school. This is a benefit to students with jobs or busy schedules as they can just spend their lunch, a time they are already at school, in the library. Senior Gabriel Martinez said, in general, he is very busy.

“Book Club allows me a time away from stress and all the things I have to do.” Martinez said. “It gives me chance to relax and do what I love.”

Whether a student wants to make new friends, talk about books, find new books to read or all three, Book Club can meet all of your bookworm desires.

“It’s a fun experience to be around people who read,” Martinez said.”It’s fun to come together as a group and not be looked down upon by other students.”