Limitless possibilities: Student-run nonprofit seeks to help underprivileged


The board members of the Limitless Foundation, all seniors at Plano high schools, pose for a group shot at a recent fundraiser. Used with permission of Abhinav Sridharan.

Falyn Traina, Staff Writer & Featured Columnist

Nine students are spending their own free time to meet and talk about the characteristic they all have in common — a passion for helping people. Through their non-profit organization, the Limitless Foundation is bringing that passion into a tangible goal.

The organization, created this past summer, helps people in financial predicaments find refuge with opportunities and resources. Seniors and organization chairs Abhinav Sridharan and Rudra Patel have recently been running charity events to support the Limitless Foundation. Although they’ve only been in action since this past June, they’ve already started to reach their goals.

“We’re registered as a government non-profit organization in only two weeks, which usually takes 2 years to get,” Sridharan, Director of Public Relations, said. “This helped us to get financial support, resources, partnerships and most of all helped us to be taken more seriously.”

The group’s board currently consists of students from across Plano, including seniors Rudra Patel, Simone Patel, Rishi Patel, Aditya Nelakonda, Brooks Panhans, and Kishan Srikanth. One of the organization’s main partnerships is with the Assistance Center of Collin County, another non-profit organization with a cause similar to the Limitless Foundation. Most recently, Limitless ran a basketball tournament on Aug. 10 to raise funds for their cause, charging $10 per person.

“We earned about $2000,” Sridharan said. “We use this money to buy things like bus passes, prepaid cell phones and other small items for people who are unemployed.”

Rudra, the organization’s president and founder, said the group plans on holding more fundraisers and events in the future.

“We want to do another basketball tournament, interview skills classes, and maybe a charity rap concert,” Rudra said.

To accomplish their goals, the group speaks with local business to get sponsorships that assist people who need help. As far as for inspiration of younger generations, Sridharan said the group wants to eventually teach classes that help students learn interviewing skills from a young age.

“We want to start small and then expand,” Sridharan said. “For now, we want to help people our age, because why would a grown adult take advice from a kid? As we mature and grow to be more wise, then we can expand to older people.”

Patel said the group plans to continue their work after high school.

“Since we all plan on going to University of Texas, we want to continue to expand in Austin,” Rudra said.

The Limitless Foundation’s website is currently taking donations and is open to volunteers. For more information, visit the organization’s website here or their Facebook page here.