Commitment to Christ: Students consider dedicating lives to God

Falyn Traina, Staff Writer

Considering a commitment to a life of purity and God, students like junior Bryce Baumann and senior David Mourlam are facing some big decisions. Baumann is currently contemplating becoming a Catholic priest, while Mourlam is interested in becoming a pastor and preacher.

Mourlam acknowledges how big the commitment is and has given up a lot to follow his dream. He currently works at his church as an intern.

“It’s a huge commitment but I’m 100 percent sure that it’s what I want to do,” Mourlam said. “I’ve given up being a part of the orchestra program to be able to pursue it, but now I feel like I’m where I need to be.”

Baumann wears a white alb signifying his status as an altar server, a youth who helps the priest with the mass.
Baumann wears a white alb signifying his status as an altar server, a youth who helps the priest with the mass.

Becoming a Catholic priest includes committing to God with no marriage.

“I’m sort of on the fence about making the decision to work to become a Catholic priest because it’s a big commitment,” Baumann said. “I mean, I do kind of want to marry but for now, I just want to see what God has in store for me.”

This endeavor has always been in Baumann’s mind, since his father works as a youth minister at his church. However, after attending the Dallas Catholic Youth Conference, an annual event that offers teens an experience to socialize with other Catholic teens in a multicultural environment, he started to feel a pull.

“The director of vocations spoke to us,” Baumann said. “I thought it would be cool to tell kids 20 years from now at the Dallas Catholic Youth Conference that these were my experiences.”

One of Mourlam’s biggest inspirations in becoming a preacher is his youth pastor, Duke, as he has helped him mature and grow.

“I want to be a pastor or preacher because I feel a calling to love people and spread the Gospel.” Mourlam said.

Baumann is open to other options involving the church, such as becoming a youth minister or using his musical skill toward praise and worship. He also has a very strong passion for music, singing specifically. He often spends time combining his passion for music and Christ by worshiping through song.

“I play guitar and I do a lot of praise and worship,” Baumann said. “Some youth ministers tour the country and go around to different parishes to sing and worship and that’s definitely something I might want to do.”

Mourlam also has some ideas about what he wants to do in the future if he isn’t able to become a pastor and preacher.

“If I wasn’t a pastor, I would probably be in music or law school,” Mourlam said.

Baumann said that due to his young age, he is not concerned about making the choice to become a part of the church as of right now.

“God’s going to reveal what he wants me to do in time,” Baumann said. “There’s no reason to worry.”