Blair Baumann leads peers all across campus


Grace Tsichlis, Staff Writer

    Senior Blair Baumann is a leader at Plano who strives to do well in everything she does in order to leave a positive mark on campus.

    “I am one of the vice presidents for Spanish Club, and I am the president of orchestra. These activities have given me a community to belong to,” Baumann said.

    As a leader, Baumann has many responsibilities in order for the organizations to run smoothly.

    “For Spanish Club, I am in charge of all the activities, coming up with them and planning them. In orchestra, I help run the program with the directors and plan events along with my other officers,” Baumann said.   

    Baumann is glad she has the opportunity to lead these two programs and be a role model for other students.

    “I take a lot of pride in myself. I hope I exert good leadership characteristics because I want the juniors to have the same great experiences I have had,” Baumann said.

    Baumann’s dedication and hard work to these programs can be seen in her implementation of some new ideas in orchestra.

    “This year we started junior orchestra council so that the juniors can see what we do and learn from us. They help us out and make things run more quickly,” Baumann said.

    Tara Cesario, assistant director of orchestra, has only kind words to say about her student of the past two years.

    “As orchestra president, Blair devotes so much of her free time giving back to the program and helping us,” Cesario said. “She is always smiling and energetic. She brings a positive attitude to every class, rehearsal, and performance.”

     Blair works alongside other officers and is a role model for other orchestra students.

    “Blair has made it her goal to get to know every single member of orchestra. She has set a high bar for future orchestra presidents. She will be missed next year,” Cesario said.

    After Plano, Baumann said that whatever her plans are, orchestra and Spanish will most likely remain a part of her life. However, Baumann has had an interest in dental hygiene for quite a while.

    “As a kid I would beg my mom to take me to the dentist. I like things to be pristine and I enjoy helping and interacting with people,” Baumann said.  “I may minor in Spanish and I am considering joining the orchestra at my college. I want to study dental hygiene at either University of Minnesota or Texas Woman’s University.”