PSHS Hearts Around the Halls

PSHS Hearts Around the Halls

Nina Cairo, Staff Writer

     Student Congress spread the love at Plano Senior High School this Valentine’s Day with their school-wide project “Hearts Around the Hall.”

    “This [project] brings the school together by creating a visual representation of our unique student body,” StuCo President Gabriela Rupp said.

     For the “Hearts Around the Hall” project, hearts containing each student’s name were placed in various hallways around the school. Students had the opportunity to search for their heart between classes. This project’s goal was to make students feel included and welcomed on this day of celebration.

     According to Rupp, the “Hearts Around the Hall” initiative “sends the message that every student matters and belongs at Plano Senior.”

    Students appreciated the gesture and enjoyed sharing the love with their friends as well. Some students like junior Nayla Morshed went out of their way to search for their friend’s hearts to give to them throughout the day. Acts like this bring classmates together to create a united student body who can depend on each other.

     “It was nice to go find your friends’ hearts in the hall and see how their faces would light up when you would hand it to them,” Morshed said.

     The second semester of the school year can be rigorous and tiresome. However, this activity provided a momentary escape from the pressures of tests and due dates. Students relished in the chance to take a step back to embrace the positive and loving atmosphere.

     “I think it spreads much needed love and compassion for students who are always preoccupied with assignments,” junior Madhalasa Iyer said.

     Plano Senior’s annual “Hearts Around the Hall” proved to be a widely recognized success. StuCo plans to continue this Valentine’s Day activity for more years to come.

     “This project has been really enjoyable and successful in years past and I think future students will enjoy celebrating Valentine’s with the whole school,” Rupp said.