Senior Class President Candidates Preparing for Election

Nina Cairo, Staff Writer

     Four rising seniors prepare to run for the coveted Senior Class President position in the upcoming election on Apr. 14.

     SCP is a highly sought after position that requires strong leadership skills and a passion for making the student body heard. The competition in this election is tough, so the candidates have to do their best to stand out.

     “I am very well rounded,” candidate Sadie Conrey said. “I feel that this makes me qualified to adapt and support many different groups of people at our school.”

     Besides bringing a unique character to the position, the potential SCP needs to ensure that they add new and innovative ideas to the list of responsibilities they carry out. 

     “Sometimes when people run for SCP, their plans are already outlined in the job description,” candidate Kaitlyn Hou said. “As SCP I want to focus on improving the restrooms, taking care of the pond and reducing parking fees.”

     Each candidate has specific goals they want to implement and achieve if elected. Although these goals are unique to each student running, a common theme among them is to establish a united student voice and a feeling of connectedness. 

     “The biggest goal I have is to bring students together after COVID-19,” candidate Cabrina Anderson said. “I want to make everyone feel special, especially since it’s their last year in highschool.”

     To unify the student body, each individual student and group of students needs to feel represented and appreciated. The SCP candidates want to cater to the needs of all seniors, despite their interests or achievements. 

     “A year from now, if elected, I would consider it a success if the class of ‘23 felt like they were a part of the school,” Conrey said. “Not just the athletes, or AP kids going to fancy colleges, but truly everyone felt like they had a place and that they were seen and loved.”

     This year’s candidates have gotten to know various types of students in their time at school. A genuine understanding of the holistic student body that is distinctive to Plano Senior High School is an important quality to have.

     “Plano is such a diverse school and doesn’t really have one singular stereotype,” Hou said. “I’ve been exposed to so many different viewpoints, cultures, and people.”

     Only one of the three candidates from the Junior Class President election have decided to run again for the SCP election. Although Youcef Daddi was not elected for JCP, he hopes that he can succeed this election and leave an impact on the upcoming Senior class.

     “I’m running because I felt disappointed that the ideas I had and my vision for a great school couldn’t happen,” Daddi said. “I’m running to hopefully win and make our school the kind of place it deserves to be.”

     Hopefully these candidates can implement beneficial policies and influence the Senior Class in a productive way.

     “I want to be a part of something that positively impacts students,” Anderson said. “I don’t just want to run for my own sake.”

     Leaving an impact on the student body is not a new desire for prospective SCPs. SCPs that preceded this year’s candidates have left an impact and those that follow will most likely aspire to do the same. 

     “Many SCPs have used their positions to really leave an impact and I want to do just that,” Daddi said.