Capture the Moment: Planoettes Spring Show 2022


Photo courtesy of Bryce Gibbs

Planoettes preform in their Spring Show, their last show of the year

Michelle Kallas, Staff Writer

     The Planoettes recently hosted their annual spring show, the theme for this year being Capture the Moment. Performances ran April 6-7 and each show received a large turnout of friends and family. Each of their dances represented a moment that the Planoettes had shared throughout the year.

     “For example, our team pom was Disney themed which represented our team trip to Disney world and the memories we made there,” Senior Sergeant Abby Caroll said.

     The show kicked off with a bang as the Planoettes performed their opener “Let’s Go” by Tiesto and Icona Pop. They brought high energy from the very beginning, setting the stage for what was to come in the rest of the show. There were many special performances as the show continued, from solos by Planoette officers to performances done by the Clark Cougarettes as they prepare to become Planoettes next year. 

     “My favorite part of the show was performing officer jazz and hearing the crowd cheering and seeing the whole team watching from the wings,” Senior Lieutenant Catherine Sorrels said. “It was so much fun and so surreal to feel that much love and support from everyone there.” 

     In each transition throughout the show, the emcees kept the audience engaged and provided moments of laughter to fill the lulls throughout the performance. The show’s emcees, juniors Andrew Sanchez, Kate Tucker and Morgan Kittrell, took the stage as paparazzi and introduced each dance and described the moments that went along with them. 

     “My favorite moment about emceeing spring show was getting to watch the Planoettes be truly a family. Hearing them cheer for each other from the sidelines and love each other was so refreshing. They want each other to succeed and I love them for that!” Junior Morgan Kittrell said. 

     As the show came to a close, the Maroon Guard performed a recap of the dances throughout the night. The boys high kicked their hearts out, leaving the audience both impressed and laughing. The Planoettes then performed their finale to Donna Summer’s “Last Dance.” The girls choked back tears in their perfect kick lines as they acknowledged this would be one of their last times dancing together as a team. The Saturday performance was senior night, so the show concluded with a slide show of the team’s favorite memories together and what they’re gonna miss most about being a part of the “Pride of Plano.”