Homecoming Details


Anna Sofia Nguyen Loeb, Staff Writer

     Homecoming is right around the corner and all the details you need for next week are right here.

     Homecoming week consists of a series of spirit days: Monday is decades day, Tuesday is twin day, Wednesday is country vs country club, Thursday is character day and Friday is mum/garter day. As well as spirit week, the homecoming parade and Stay Day are next week too, with the homecoming parade on Wednesday and Stay Day on Friday. 

     The homecoming football game is Friday, September 23rd against the Plano East Panthers and the theme for the game is western so be sure to participate. During halftime, the winners of the homecoming court will be announced. You can see more details about the homecoming court here.

     The next day is the day of the homecoming dance. Homecoming this year is in the cafeteria. The dance starts at 8 p.m. and ends at 11 p.m. and the theme is Viva Las Vegas- casino attire is recommended. Tickets are for sale online: $25 for one ticket, $40 for two tickets and $30 for one ticket on the day of homecoming. tinyurl.com/pshshocotix