Caps, Gowns, Yearbooks, Oh My


Chloe Casida, Staff Writer

     As Wildcats swing into the second semester, talk of graduation is starting to echo throughout the hallways of Plano Senior. As the school year progresses and more buzz continues to grow about the end-of-year festivities, there are some important things for Wildcat seniors to keep in mind.

     Yearbooks and senior ads can be purchased until Jan. 28 at Yearbooks sell out quickly, so make sure to purchase one before it’s too late. 

     “Getting my yearbook is one of the things I’m looking forward to most,” junior Elizabeth Boles said.

     Plano Senior graduation packs can be purchased here. Students can choose from a wide variety of graduation merchandise, ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to caps and gowns. The most popular package, The Wildcat, starts at 270.00 with buyer customization. 

     Although the thought of graduation and the end of the year is very exciting, deadlines come up fast, so make sure to check on everything you need to graduate this season.