Review: The Peanuts Movie


Sabrina LeBoeuf , Staff Writer

The Peanuts Movie premiered Nov. 6 and has proven to be a heart-warming tale for both young minds and the young at heart.

The film is a fresh take on the classic tale of Charlie Brown and his interest in the new redheaded girl at school. By developing each character beyond his/her stereotype, the everyday movie-goer can maintain interest throughout the hour and a half long plot, which revolves around Charlie Brown’s quest to make a name for himself.

The movie retains its familiar “Peanuts” charm, debunking any fears for Charlie Brown fanatics.   Scenes that withstand the test of time include the gang on ice skates, Snoopy kissing Lucy, and the class listening to the warbled voice of the teacher. Snoopy is still the Flying Ace, Peppermint Patty is still obnoxious, and Lucy is still one of Chuck’s greatest skeptics. Most importantly, however, Charlie Brown continues to craze .

The Peanuts Movie focuses on portraying life’s greatest lessons through the seemingly unlucky life of Charlie Brown. He proves that despite life’s hardships you should never lose sight of who you are and what you believe in. The film also emphasizes the definition of character through actions, the wonder of imagination, and the fact that getting the girl is simpler than it seems.

Older audiences that are reluctant to see the movie are definitely missing out. Relevant discussions of today’s most debated issues, such as standardized testing, make sure that the blockbuster is enjoyable for a wide demographic.

Being the second grossing film for this weekend’s box office behind the new James Bond movie, Spectre, should be proof enough for audiences to choose this family-friendly movie. The film is full of surprises that are sure to keep anyone on the edge of their seat, laughing, and tearing up. So this Thanksgiving, be thankful to live in a world that celebrates the legacy of Peanuts.