Fashion show exhibits talented designers


Belle Maucieri

enior Savanah Johnson showcased garments inspired by the main characters from The Breakfast Club.

Abigail Thomas, Editor-in-chief

    The spring fashion film festival was a memorable event as it showcased the amazing designs of student designers, and served as fashion teacher Bonnie Turnbo’s final show on April 24 in the theater.

    The theme of the fashion show revolved around movies, so each designer’s pieces had an element of the movie they chose incorporated into their garment. Before each model strutted down the runway, the trailer for the specific movie the designer chose was played on the projector. This allowed the audience to envision what the designer was thinking about when they created their pieces, which was a cool and unique experience for the audience. Even if audience members had not seen the movie, the little snapshot was effective at conveying each theme.   

    The designer with the most pieces, eight total, was senior Savannah Johnson. Her inspiration came from the movie La La Land as she wanted to hone the girly styles and the colorful scenery depicted in the movie. She featured everyday outfits to date night looks.

    Out of her eight pieces, the gold dress was the most stunning piece and could easily be imagined on a rack at Forever 21 for its chic, trendy style.   

    One of the coolest garments was created by senior Maria Valencia. She was inspired by the movie Selena and the beloved Latina singer’s confident style.

    The most memorable statement piece that made the audience audibly gasp in amazement was Valencia’s recreation of the iconic purple sequined jumpsuit. It looked like an exact replica from the movie with the bottom half around the ankles flaring out. The model channeled Selena’s confidence as she walked down the runway.

    Another show-stopper came from senior designer Emmeline Trexler. She was inspired by Tomorrowland Aftermovie, a movie that captures moments of EDM festivals in the world. She had a total of six pieces that were more in the style of costume attire- a wardrobe one would bring to Burning Man or Coachella.

    Cleverly, Trexler also incorporated the use of LED lights into her garments which topped off the overall effect of her designs. It was evident that meticulous attention to detail went into the design of every one of her pieces, and was a fun change of pace from the other pieces.  

    The most unique design came from senior Patty Tovi. Although she didn’t have a plethora of clothes to show, the few she did were aesthetically pleasing and the designs, based on the movie The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, were innovative. This separated her from the other designers.

    She featured a red bandeau top to go along with high-waisted pants. The pants were slit along the outsides, which gave the optical illusion that it was a skirt. They were excellently crafted and incredibly unique.

     Senior Tiara Jenkins designed five pieces for each main character in the movie The Breakfast Club. Models for the princess, the criminal, the brain, the athlete and the basket case all wore designs that were true to the identity of each personality.

    One of the crowd favorites was created by senior Brianna Fraley who was inspired by the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Her outfits included her own takes on Uncle Rico’s, Deb’s, Pedro’s, and Napoleon’s clothes. This collection could have easily been part of the set wardrobe as it looked undeniably like something each cast member would wear in the movie.

    Finally, senior Peri Jacobs designed her pieces based off of the movie the Moonrise Kingdom. Channeling her inner Wes Anderson, the craftsmanship that went into her pieces immaculately encapsulated the artistry that he is known for. The vintage vibe of the clothes was unparalleled to any other designs shown.      

    The models themselves did a fantastic job as not even one of them fell, a daunting feat, and all had fun on stage which engaged the audience. Some designers even brought in their younger siblings to be models, which the audience thoroughly loved seeing little four-year-olds strut like they’re bigger than the stage. Senior Zelan Tovi, who was inspired by the movie Camp Rock 2, dressed her two younger sisters in denim, and when the models came out on stage, they stole the hearts of every single member of the audience when they struck a pose.

    The lighting and decorations, although sparse, were effective in creating a glamorous movie theater feel.

    To end the fashion show, Turnbo’s daughter, senior Kati Turnbo, delivered a touching and heartwarming speech. She thanked her mom on behalf of the fashion department for the years of dedication she put into making it great.

    Overall, this was a fantastic fashion show that perfectly showcased the creativity and passion of the Wildcats and the capped off the legacy of Bonnie Turnbo.