Mr. Basketball: Trey Cinclair

Q: What talents do you have? do you know what you’re going to be doing for the show?

A: I have an idea. Do I have to give it away? A hobby for me is fantasy football, definitely. I also sing in choir. I want to incorporate that. I sing baritone. I also like dancing.

Q: Do you have a favorite joke to tell?treycinclair

A: I should probably get one because I’m a candidate for Mr. Plano!

Q: If you had to be stuck in a sports team for a week, who would you want to play for? What position?

A: The Cowboys. Water boy. So after Dez Bryant goes out there and catches a touchdown, I can go out there and throw up the X with him. Actually, the quarterback for Alabama. I’d be the five star recruit. That’d be fun. I’ve been getting recruited by Alabama and Oregon. I think Oregon might suit me better, because my speed helps me, and that’s what they’ve got up there. Plus, they’ve got some fresh jerseys.

Q: What is a place you most want to travel to?

A: I’d go to a couple of places. Somewhere in central America. I’ve been to Costa Rica because my family loves it there, and because we got to see all the culture. We got to see natural vegetation and there wasn’t man-made stuff everywhere. It was really cool to get in touch with nature. We stayed in the mountains and rainforest for a few days, and then we stayed on the beach for a few days. We went ziplining right through the rainforest and ¬†went over these hanging bridges, you know, where it’s just wood and ropes and it swings in the wind. You could see incredible stuff.

Q: What was your favorite part about that trip?

A: I have a life-proof case for my phone, and before the trip, I bought a floatie for the life-proof case. I took my phone when I went surfing to take pictures, and it was just floating on top of the water. Everyone made fun of me for it because it was so huge. Surfing with my brothers was probably the best part.

Q: What are you most looking forward to for the Mr. Plano contest?

A: What am I most looking forward to? Crushing the competition. Actually, I feel like this is a group of guys that represents all of Plano, and I want to be able to represent my organization as well as I can. I want to be able to use this opportunity to help the school become better.