Seniors say farewell

Lauren Girgis, Staff Writer

    Senior Sunset, the end of year counterpart to Senior Sunrise, is an event organized by Stuco held on the last day of school as a final farewell to the senior class.

    “It is symbolic because we started the year together at the sunrise, and we are ending it together at sunset,” senior Stuco President Ayla Dossal said. “It is similar to how the day begins and then night comes.”

    Dossal has been organizing the event with senior Stuco Vice President Sam Strobel. They hope that many of the students who went to Senior Sunrise at the beginning of the year attend with friends to close off the year.

    “I think it is a great way to end the year,” Strobel said. “I feel like things might get a little emotional.”

    Senior Sunset will be held on the soccer fields on June 2, the last day of school. Games such as ultimate frisbee, football and sand volleyball will be going on to entertain the graduating class members.

    “I think more people should come to Senior Sunset because it is a cute farewell that is convenient for everyone to get to,” Dossal said. “We get to bond and get together one last time before the graduation ceremony.”

    Senior Sunset allows graduates to receive closure with their friends as the sun sets on their high school lives. It will be a unique, memorable experience for seniors who attend, according to senior Ali Purtell.

    “I hope to just be able to look back on the memories I made this past year with all my friends and enjoy my last moments as a senior,” Purtell said. “I hope it brings everyone together, and we all get to enjoy the end of a great year together.”

    Students who attend are encouraged to bring towels, blankets and chairs to sit on as they watch the sunset. The event is informal, and seniors are encouraged to wear clothes for playing games.

    “Texas has the most beautiful sunsets, and there is nothing like watching the sky change colors with your closest friends,” Strobel said. “It is so symbolic of the end of high school.”