St. Andrews United Methodist Church gives back to the community amidst prom season


Rose Wright

St. Andrews provides an array of dresses to choose from, encompassing every student who’d like to shop

Rose Wright, Staff writer

  St. Andrews United Methodist Church’s famed Prom Closet provides dresses, accessories and shoes for students in need of financial support in order to attend their prom, and has helped teenage girls gain self- confidence for their school dance for the past 12 years . 

     “It’s really just giving young ladies the ability to be proud of how they look and clothing to feel comfortable and confident in for that night,” St. Andrews church member and Prom Closet volunteer Heather Davis said. 

     St. Andrews has gained a massive onslaught of teenage girls during the season of prom due to their popular “Prom Closet.” Last year they were able to give 1,339 different girls prom dresses. 

     “We know [Prom Closet] has enabled a lot more girls to attend prom, and have fun going with their friends without worrying about the cost,” Prom Closet volunteer and St. Andrews church member Louise Link said. 

     The church takes donations for Prom Closet all year round. In the spring it’s understood why, as girls from all different schools and backgrounds attend the closet. Last year alone, girls from 251 different schools received dresses. Furthermore, this year, the Prom Closet is completely free of cost to customers, giving away not only amazing dresses, but accessories, wraps and shoes as well. 

     “It’s a wonderful program and event that allows girls to find their prom dress for no cost to them at all,” volunteer and St. Andrews church member Amy Dodson said. 

     St. Andrews’ church attendees act as volunteers during the days of Prom Closet in order to ensure that every girl is taken care of and leaves with a dress they love, taking financial pressure off their parents along with it. 

     “[Prom Closet] also eases the burden on the other financial stresses on the family, because it can be a big undertaking financially,” Davis said.

     Girls on a budget for prom, or just simply looking for a dress while trying not to break the bank can go to Prom Closet and try on their wide variety of dresses. In fact, so many girls searching for their perfect outfit visit Prom Closet that their wait time in line is almost two hours. 

   “I really needed a dress for prom, so my friend took us to Prom Closet, and I was able to find a dress for free,” senior Sierra Barber said. 

       The inclusivity of Prom Closet is one of the best parts, with styles in sizes 0-30, there’s a dress for anyone and everyone. This year they acquired a total of 1,273 shoppers alone, with visitors from approximately 247 different schools.

      Helping girls find their perfect dress for prom, and with no cost to them at all, is unparalleled in the retail world of evening dresses. 

     “If there was a dress shop in our area with the variety that we have, that would be amazing, but there’s not,” Davis said. “Helping girls find the dress of their choice is something that St. Andrews enjoys.”

     The St. Andrews tradition of Prom Closet is important to their church, and high school girls in need of dresses have easy access to their stock of prom supplies. Prom Closet is a characteristic of St. Andrews that they embrace. 

     “It is a mission that is unique for us, we are the Prom Closet church, and we so enjoy that label,” Link said.