Tenet dazzles fans with abstract concepts and visuals

Long awaited movie, Tenet, keeps audience enchanted with it’s unique story.

Emma Coleman, Opinion Editor

     Tenet, a long awaited film from global viewers, lives up to its potential,this film was perplexing and thrilling, as it ventures through abstractions of reality and time inversion. 

     Director Christopher Nolan’s most recent mind-bending endeavor, Tenet, starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki, was released Sept. 3 in theaters across the United States. 

     Viewers around America have long awaited this blockbuster. Nolan’s previous film, Dunkirk, was released in the summer of 2017, nearly three years ago. For viewers in the United States, the original release was July 17, but was pushed back due to the dangers of COVID-19. 

     Many theaters across the country remained closed, resulting in a piffling box office success of $29.5 million, due to ever-lingering concerns of the Coronavirus. However, the global gross is estimated at a successful $207 million.

     This blockbuster film is said to be one of Nolan’s most secretive, epic endeavors. It is sure to shock audiences, just as his previous projects have done. 

     Cast member Micheal Cain, who has worked with Nolan numerous times, even admitted that he had no idea what his role was, or what the movie was about. According to an interview with Cain on The Hindu, director Christopher Nolan gave him his lines and informed him of nothing else.

     Tenet follows the character called Protagonist, played by John David Washington. It takes the audience through his journey to put an end to a coming world war, by exploring the phenomena of time inversion. 

     The ambitions of this feature film are exhibited in the grandeur within the sets. Specifically, this is shown by Nolan’s purchase of a real Boeing 747 airplane to blow up, rather than using VFX, or visual effects software.

     The soundtrack for Tenet was composed by Ludwig Göransson, most known for his work on Black Panther and The Mandalorian. In addition, the soundtrack features a new song written by Travis Scott called, The Plan, that encapsulates the thrilling and time bending experience viewers experience throughout the film.

     Christopher Nolan’s action packed, mind boggling, espionage blockbuster known as Tenet, is the one of the first to return to theaters since the beginning of the pandemic, and remains in theaters worldwide.

     The beauty of this film is its ability to submerge its audience in a story that follows a concept that is not fully understood by viewers, but is important to the characters. Tenet is an epic film endeavor that seizes its viewers from reality and immerses them into the story.

     Tenet was a mind-bending film that was shocking, puzzling, and an awe-inspiring endeavor that couldn’t have come at a more difficult, yet perfect time.