TikTokers setting bad example for young fans

Parties thrown by TikTokers can impact young followers in a negative way.


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Parties that break quarantine rules face backlash.

Maya Pragji and

     Los Angeles resident and social media influencer Bryce Hall has continued to throw parties despite Coronavirus peaks in LA, when he needs to present a better example for his young fans. 

     Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak and quarantine, the app TikTok has become the second most popular free app in the Apple store. With this rise in popularity, many creators on the platform have gained millions of followers, with age demographics as wide as 10 years old to 30. 

     These creators have come together to form “content houses,” that host a group of young social media creators aspiring for fame. 

     However two content houses specifically took over the platform this summer. “Sway LA” and “The Hype House” have been the biggest influencers on the app, but their decisions in regards to social distancing have made the public very angry. 

      The Hype House first received negative comments from fans when they hosted a party for Youtube and TikTok content creator Larri Merritt, whose party was hosted at the Hype House’s Hollywood mansion.

      Paparazzi footage captured pictures and videos of dozens of content creators entering the house, among those were the Sway boys. This party was followed by an immediate apology from Merritt himself, as well as Hype House founder, Thomas Petrou.

     Fans later stepped down from the argument, and Hype House members have made many comical posts and comments about testing negative for the Coronavirus after throwing the irresponsibly-timed party.

     The Sway LA house, however, has continued to attend parties, and began to host as the previously larger group of boys moved out into three separate homes to pursue different platforms on social media. Hall´s content consists mostly of his friends and him partying with other well known creators all over the West Coast, he even recently launched his merchandise line ironically entitled “Party Animal University.” 

      The group has received many warnings about cutting down on their visitors and late night antics, as LAPD has said the house has become a nightclub. The Los Angeles Mayor’s office even cut Hall’s power to his Hollywood Hills mansion he owns with his two roommates, Noah Beck and Blake Gray, otherwise known as “Sway LA.”

     This was followed by yet again comical posts and bits being posted by Hall, Beck and Gray. Viewers, however, were relieved that the boys were receiving a sense of punishment for the danger they put their friends and all others in contact with.

      The most recent slap to social-distancing by these creators is Bryce Hall´s 21st birthday party, where multiple photos and videos were once again posted of numerous influencers in a crowded area of the house. This situation has escalated to guest lists being posted, and said influencers have received tons of hateful comments for attending Hall´s party. 

     These actions were extremely disturbing considering the people that look up to these influencers. Not only are they putting themselves and their friends in danger, but they are also encouraging this type of poor and ignorant behavior to their younger fans.

     Influencers like these are presenting the virus and pandemic as if it’s not a serious situation, and this can persuade their impressionable fans to blow off the significance of quarantine and social distancing. As role models to many young kids, they need to recognize their privilege and do better for them.

     Since then, many creators have made an effort to publicly social distance as well as promote usage of masks in recent Instagram posts. This is an improvement to their previous actions, and to solve these issues, they should continue to promote this behavior until it is safe to go back to normal society.

     Currently, TikTokers have much influence in our society, especially on young kids and teens. So people like Bryce Hall and other influencers need to keep in mind their audience, and how they can promote better actions for their audience so that everyone can remain safe.