Junior Class President Election Heads Into Run-off


Anastasia Dotson, Staff Writer

     The junior class voted for their candidates to represent them as their junior class president. The first round of voting resulted in a run-off between Matthew Moore and Blake Gonzales.

     “I want to be Junior Class President because I know that I will be able to change the school for the better,” Moore said. “I will be able to listen to my grade’s voice and work on things they want; I want to be that person where someone can come to me with any issue, whether it is concerning our campus or them as a person.”

     Both candidates have big aspirations for what they want to achieve as Junior Class President.

     “I believe being Junior Class President is far more than a title, it is a responsibility to bring change for my peers,” Gonzales said. “It is a chance to emanate the great ideas of [the] class through school.”

     Being Junior Class President comes with a lot of responsibility regarding the needs of the class for the school year. The main concerns are leading the class events and being a voice for the junior class.

     “Being Junior Class President means I amplify the voice of my graduating class and listen to their needs.  If someone needs an outreach for mental health, I want to be able to create that for them,” Moore said. “Junior Class President is not only supposed to help the school, but also be there for everyone.”

     Similarly to Moore, Gonzales believes coming together will make a difference within the junior class.

     “If we feel connected more as a whole or team, though, a lot of this tension can be released. Finally the third major goal should be to have plans to better the school itself for our students,” Gonzales said. “I really want to focus on cleaning trash and grime around campus, the pond and dirt piles that keep students from getting to class clean and on time.

     Voting ends Wednesday at 4:15. The winner will be announced immediately following on the Plano Student Council Instagram (@pshs.stuco).