Skrillex: “Leaving” album review

Skrillex: Leaving album review

We might have thought that Skrillex began a techno revolution after his last album “Make It Bun Dem After Hours;” but no one was to expect that his mellow static sound would return again. His sound of Techno has taken a whole new change into a funky sound of pop mix techno. His recent hit Album “Leaving” has a new sound of techno pop, which hasn’t been his style of music since his debut in 2002. He tries to give a glimpse of what he used to be in his early years. However, his new album gave another sense of victory as every song in his album continued to fascinate more and more. The album gives an insight of how his music has changed him over the years.

Through most of his music, each song has a different sound of mood – almost like a story is being told from start to finish. Although his album only consists of three tracks, each one has a funky sound that can make anyone dance. His Music was inspired by many Dubstep artists. Artists like Deadmau5, Diplo, and Kill the Noise have inspired Skrillex to turn his music into a worldwide sensation.

His first track, “The Reason,” begins with a slow sound of Electra but lashes out back to his original sound for a total of 4 minutes. Through all of his tracks, his sound stayed in rhythm and did not change pace. His beats always have this consistent rhythm that can make anyone fall in love with his music.

The downside of the album is the overuse of consistent beats, which is repetitive throughout the whole album. However, it is still a great hit for dance music. Techno and Dubstep may only consider the blending of sound together to create a steady sound but Skrillex may not be doing as much. His music is still very well focused and gives people an insight of true dance music. He has done a great job with all of his albums up until this point and perhaps in the near future we may see more.

Rumors go around stating that he is working on new music for a new upcoming album this year. His latest album still gave me a good sense of Dubstep music and Techno and continues to show that Skrillex is just getting started.