Mary Lambert reveals her “Secrets”

An upbeat, new and catchy tune has just come out. Mary Lambert’s “Secrets” is a fun way to say, “I don’t care.” It’s inspiring to girls everywhere, as Lambert makes a statement in her new song that she is comfortable with who she is. “Secrets” shows off Lambert’s true spirit and the pride she has for herself. Sometimes you just have to yell, “so what.”

Before amounting to her achievements of getting signed to record label Capitol Records and getting nominated for two Grammy awards, Lambert first became known when she was featured in a song called “Same Love” with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Now, her first debut album “Heart On My Sleeve,” which includes “Secrets,” is attempting to blow up the charts.

Before she was offered a deal, Lambert went through years of struggle with financial and personal issues. She attempts to share her story within her music and, because she writes all of her songs, is able to depict certain hardships she went thought. “Secrets” makes the statement that she accepted herself for who she is and isn’t afraid to show it.

Lambert points out all her flaws to show everyone that she’s perfect just the way she is. With already 5 million hits on Youtube, “Secrets” is expected to be a big hit.