Orchestra students host Australian visitors for Dallas-area concert

Ashley Stuber, Arts & Entertainment Editor

An Australian boys’ orchestra from Melbourne is spending two weeks visiting the United States and orchestras all around the country. Their Dallas-area concert will take place on Jan. 22 at the Custer United Methodist Church at 7:30 p.m.

Although the trip is school-sponsored, the boys had to pay for expenses. To reduce the costs, they asked students, including senior Liz Lytton, to host them for two nights.

“Basically, everyone was like, ‘Australian boys?’ and then raised their hand and volunteered,” Lytton said. “I was just praying they were cute.”

They arrived five hours late on Jan. 21 due to both bus complications and traffic. Because of this, junior Fabiana Mosca was not able to take them to Dickey’s barbecue like she said she had wanted to do in order to show them Texas culture.

We’re always talking about our rosin – it’s an orchestra thing, here and there.

— Senior Liz Lytton

“They’re super polite,” Mosca said. “I really like hearing them talk, so I asked them a bunch of questions. Apparently, they noticed their toilets go the opposite way.”

Other differences, according to Australian year 12 student Oliver Hendricks, include using the word ‘bogan’ instead of ‘ratchet,’ driving on the opposite side of the street and the weather.

“I’ve almost hopped in the driver’s seat quite a few times,” Hendricks said. “We haven’t seen too much yet, but it’s pretty nice here.”

According to year 11 student Rodney Kwon, a difference between the orchestras is that the Australians earn degrees and certificates based off of skill level rather than class and age.

“There’s pro-lim to grade A,” Kwon said. “There’s a certificate and two diplomas and then each time, you have to take an exam. You don’t have to be in that year to take the test – you could be in year 7 and get a diploma. It’s based off skill level.”

The stops on their trip include Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Nashville and Memphis. While in the Dallas area, they are visiting the 6th Floor Museum and the Cowboy’s Stadium before returning to eat Tex-Mex before their concert. Junior Evann Bourgeois and the rest of the hosts will be in the audience.

“Their concert is long – an hour and a half – but it should be interesting,” Bourgeois said. “Just like it’s been interesting and fun to meet new people.” 

Apparently, they noticed their toilets go the opposite way.

— Junior Fabiana Mosca

Lytton, who has visited the country multiple times and whose dad used to live in Australia, said despite the fact that she knew their lingo, she was still nervous prior to meeting the boys she is hosting.

“It’s really awkward having people you don’t know at your house,” Lytton said. “I wake up like, ‘’Sup boys, let me go do my makeup and take a shower and smell nice and look like I woke up like this.’ But if you’re living with someone, at least you can ask if they have rosin you can borrow. We’re always talking about our rosin – it’s an orchestra thing, here and there.”