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Twilight Concert wows

Twilight Concert wows

September 26, 2018

Fall Out Boy “Monumentour”: Review of the rain

Fall Out Boy “Monumentour”: Review of the rain

Ashley Stuber, Arts & Entertainment Editor

August 9, 2014

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Band and orchestra combine for ‘Pops by the Pond’

Rachel Zhang, Staff Writer

May 22, 2014

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Each year, orchestra combines with a part of band to present Pops by the Pond, an outdoor concert which features songs from Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and the Phantom of the Opera, among other modern music. This year,...

“One big family:” Plano unites to celebrate student’s life

Anna Villano, Staff Writer

May 17, 2014

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Former Rice Middle School student Nicole Wilson died on Sat., May 3 due to complications with Type 1 diabetes. After her sister Kelly posted a moving tweet on Twitter in order to reach out to Nicole’s favorite band, Nicole’s...

Lana Del Rey concert review

Madea Neyor, Staff Writer

April 25, 2014

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Lana Del Rey was everything expected. Her concert was a blend of her simplistic yet elegant taste, brought together by her raw voice and natural authenticity. With no opening act, she appeared on a stage designed like an e...