Olivia Holt Tour Doesn’t Disappoint


Blackbooth Meet and Greet 11.12.16

Libby Cooper, Staff Writer

Trendy new pop vocalist Olivia Holt embarked on her nationwide tour Rise of a Phoenix in Houston, Texas on Nov. 4.

The second performance of her tour took place in Deep Ellum at a popular music venue known as Trees on Nov. 6. Isac Elliot, a 15 year old Finnish pop singer, was the opening act of the show, performing a few of his most popular and original songs. Following Elliot’s performance, DJ Ryland stepped up on stage, hyping up the crowd with some freestyle mixes of hit radio songs before Holt came on stage.

After her two opening performances, Holt finally made her long awaited appearance. She sported a fitting, white and sleeveless top with flattering leather pants. She worked the stage with confidence, giving accompanying band and her audience energy and excitement.

The first few of the songs on her setlist were originals, but as the show progressed she began to do more covers of older songs, such as “Sad Song” by We The Kings. She performed many of her hit originals, such as “Fearless” and “Time Of Our Lives. She ended her show with her impactful debut single “Phoenix” which sparked the beginning of her Rise of a Phoenix tour when she released it in May.

The crowd turnout was, however, not particularly impressive. There seemed to be only approximately 100 to 200 people that came, the majority of which were young girls that were presumably fans of her during her previous Disney stardom. She didn’t seem discouraged by this though, and brought just as much enthusiasm to this show as she would have to any other.

Holt will continue her tour with nine more shows spread out across the remainder of November. She will even have one show at the Highline Ballroom in New York on Nov. 16, which shows her impressive climb up the charts of the music industry.