Katy Perry shines in “The Prismatic World Tour”

Stephanee Smith, Staff Writer

Driving there was the worst. My heart was racing as my boyfriend drove us through traffic to get to the American Airline Center. All I could do was complain about how we were about to be late to see my one of my favorite artists and attempt to distract myself by singing her songs at the top of my lungs. It was Oct. 2 and the months of waiting were over. I was about to see Katy Perry.

The lights began to brighten as the one of the first acts made his entrance. The artist, whose name was Terras, wore a colorful, button up, high-low shirt with a leather jacket that had giant thin spikes on each shoulder. His vocal range was impressive, but he was very dramatic. I have to say I would have preferred listening to the actual opening act, Tegan and Sara, right then.

We waited about an hour. When the stage lights went off, my heart began to race. I was so excited to see Katy that I had completely forgotten that there was another opening act before she came out. At this point, the American Airlines Center was completely filled with Katy Perry fans wearing neon wigs and tutus. When the lights came on, to my surprise, Tegan and Sara began their set. For a solid two minutes, I was absolutely devastated. But then I heard their music. They played a total of four or five songs and each one was absolutely amazing. They had extremely unique voices, and their music had an electric feel. One of my favorite moments of their performance was when they introduced a song that they had created for a very well-known movie. “Everything is Awesome” began to play and my heart dropped. I was so excited. Colorful lights began flashing behind them. The crowd of people began singing in unison and I had completely forgotten that I am approaching college. I was in elementary school again.

At the end of the performance, fans, including myself, sat anticipating Katy’s arrival. Every minute felt like 10 and the excitement was overwhelming. Half an hour went by and I sat staring at the triangular shaped stage where people were setting up. My boyfriend leaned over and told me to calm down, but there was no way that was going to happen. Thirty more minutes passed when all lights blacked out and the crowd began shouting “KATY, KATY, KATY.” When the lights came on a prism rose from the ground as the band played the tune to Roar. Dancers in tribal costumes began dancing around the stage. The prism began to open as the first verse approached and there she was. The Katy fans began to scream and cheer.

She had seven different outfits, starting with a white leathery skirt, a matching crop top outlined with glow in the dark material, and hair that was in a ponytail filled with glow in the dark clips. She began to sing all of the songs from her newest album as well as well her famous hits, such as “The One that Got Away” and “Last Friday Night.”

Her second outfit was Egyptian. She wore a short black wig with bangs as well as an Egyptian crown. The screen behind her showed a background of a giant desert with a huge pyramid in the middle as she sang songs such as Dark Horse. She sang beautifully. It amazed me that she could dance while singing just as well as she had sang on her albums.

My favorite part of the entire show was when it was halfway over and Katy had disappeared to change attire. A cat video appeared on the huge screen that once showed the Egyptian videos. For a second, most of the crowd experienced confusion. At the end of the video, the lights blacked out. When they came on, Katy was in a pink bedazzled cat suit and the stage had human-size cat play areas. The dancers were no longer tribal warriors, they were dancing cats. She began singing “This is How We Do” and the audience began dancing and singing at the top of their lungs.

The end of her performance was unforgettable. She, once again, changed wardrobe and was now wearing a black body suit with sparkles that spelled Happy Birthday. She then brought a person from the crowd onto the stage and had him sit in a birthday throne that then rose about 10 feet. She sang “Happy Birthday” as confetti burst throughout the arena. Katy was buckled into a huge plastic balloon that flung her into the air and across the stadium. She was five feet above me and I could not stop screaming.

That night I realized that Katy Perry did not just prove herself to be the perfect, talented celebrity that almost every guy should have a crush on – she also proved that she was a genuinely great performer. The Katy Perry concert was the absolute best concert I have ever attended. I’m forever and always a Katy Cat.