Wildcat Tales

The Art of Argu-Ying

Meital Boim, Staff Writer May 10, 2011

      Junior Justin Ying likes to lose.      “I really enjoy the competition because I like the thrill of competing against opponents,” Ying said. “I also like the feel of winning. And,...

Shayan Mohanty

Eilie Strecker, Staff Writer May 10, 2011

     Two years ago, junior Shayan Mohanty came up with a science fair idea that was so detailed and complex that he is still working on it today. It all started with a simple problem he came across...

End of the Year English Projects

Dayna Gettel, Staff Writer May 10, 2011

     Whether a junior or senior, there is no doubt that the end of the year is creeping up quickly and with the end comes projects. Although several other classes also have end of the year projects,...

Keep Plano Beautiful

Maelyn Schramm, Staff Writer May 9, 2011

     It seems within the past few years, the “Going Green” trend has become more popular each year. Coincidentally, how students perform correlates with the students’ learning environment. The...

Summer School is a Must

Clarissa Reeves, Staff Writer May 9, 2011

Juniors and seniors approach their graduation date everyday but some students don’t make it without a little extra help outside of school. Students who fail a class, that they need to raise their GPA...

Nerves of Steal

Alex Gonzalez January 6, 2011

     *indicates a name-change to protect identity      As students get older, they learn that the action of trust is not as easy as it used to be. One day, someone may be sitting in the cafeteria,...

AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination

Haley Bunnell, Staff Writer October 12, 2010

     AVID flyers fill the walls, and AVID T-shirts are worn by many students. Still it seems like the only people who have heard or know, are the students in the class. The goal of this program is...

The Pressure is On

Sarah Rosselet, Staff Writer October 12, 2009

It takes a lot to be ranked number one in the class. Hours of studying and the dedication to take AP class after AP class, but are the lives of the highest ranked students limited to school and studying?...

It’s All About the Drank

Ashton Ruiz, Staff Writer October 12, 2009

     On this special night, the smell of Bavaria and the sound of German greeted the partygoers. German enthusiasts gathered in the cafeteria to commemorate the 176th Oktoberfest taking place in Munich....

Is It Really Worth It?

Claire Minor, Staff Writer October 12, 2009

     Opportunities appeared endless for juniors as they sat down to plan their first schedule for a senior high. English alone was offered in four different intensities. Though each level has a similar...

Students and Balloons

Julie Boyer, Staff Writer October 12, 2009

     Thousands of people gathered along the rainbow flags. Something big was about to happen. A gallery of colors filled the launch field. This was the moment so many had been preparing for and waiting...

Successful Summer

Trina Carpenter & Kelsey Glass, Staff Writers October 9, 2009

     “God no” senior Shahid Ahmed said when asked if he was expecting to get as far as he did in the National Forensic League’s National Tournament this summer. “I was proud that I made it...

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