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Little sprout from Plant Nanny app exhibits calming gradients as well as a cute little smile.

Health apps can help build habits

Amelia Bautz, Staff Writer March 28, 2019

There are a multitude of applications on the market that make keeping tabs on basic physical and mental health needs easier in a more health-conscious world Certain apps help keep up with a person’s...

Pros of having a job

Amelia Bautz, Staff Writer February 25, 2019

Many teenagers feel the need to get jobs in order to prepare for college while they are still in high school. Having a job in high school can prepare teenagers for the adult responsibilities that they...

Golden Globes co-hosts, Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg, preach the need for more diversity in
gender and race in the film industry.
(photos used with permission from Golden Globes)

Motion picture awards praise inclusivity

Golden Globes and Oscars use diversity as justification for unworthy nominees
Ethan Nguyen, Online editor-in-chief February 22, 2019

Inclusivity was a major theme in this year’s motion picture awards as stated by comedian Andy Samberg, a host of the Golden Globes, praised the diversity of the films that were nominated. Samberg...

SAT v ACT: Which one helps or hurts test takers

SAT v ACT: Which one helps or hurts test takers

Finding out which college readiness test will give the best score for college applications
Lochan Mourty, Staff Writer February 21, 2019

Many colleges and universities require either the SAT or the ACT test scores, but it is important for students to know which test is the right one for them to take. Both of the exams are structured a bit...


Learning languages are glossed over at early ages

Learning foreign languages at younger ages may prove to be beneficial
Amelia Bautz, Staff Writer January 11, 2019

    Elementary schools should provide foreign language classes for their students, due to it being easier for younger children to learn a second language compared to older students.     High...

A yield to pedestrians sign next to a busy street gone ignored or unnoticed by many drivers.

Safety hazards on sidewalks for pedestrians

Katie Gallaway, News Editor November 26, 2018

    Students might imagine that a sidewalk is the safest place to be when walking next to a road, and that isn’t wrong; however, it is also more dangerous than many people realize.      On...

To work or not to work, that is the question

To work or not to work, that is the question

Teenagers with jobs experience benefits and drawbacks of their employment
November 5, 2018

Many influential figures in the entertainment industry have suffered from drug
addiction as a result of personal issues. (photo used with permission from Pixnio)

Cases of pill popping in pop culture prevail

Isis Kazadi, Opinion Editor November 5, 2018

Celebrity abuse of opioids due to mental health issues cause drug popularity Opioids are becoming increasingly popular as a coping mechanism with celebrities who have mental health issues and other health...

Prisoners have been protesting recently in 17 different states to get better programs and more
rights for all prisoners. (photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

American prisoners are protesting for more rights

Ethan Nguyen, Online editor and chief September 26, 2018

Prisoners should expect to relinquish rights after committing crimes America’s prisoners feel they are worthy of valuable federal resources and are on strike in 17 different states against the government...

New helmet rule affects high school football

Helmet rule cause change

Grayson Krumnow, Sports Editor September 25, 2018

New NFL rule changes play at all levels With the implementation of the NFL’s new helmet rules announced in May, it has not just changed the play of pro football, but changes football played at all levels,...

Juniors Jackson Freeman
and Daniel Restrepo play games at an arcade in
Branson, MO on the orchestra trip. (photo by
Ethan Nguyen)

Video games are good for increasing memory, skills, coordination

Ethan Nguyen, Staff Writer May 7, 2018

    The negative effects of video games generally result only from playing them excessively, and can have positive effects on the human mind by increasing a person’s mental capacity and treating...

Former director of research at Cambridge Analytica Christopher Wylie is the whistleblower for
the Facebook scandal. (photo used with permission by Wiki Free Use)

Facebook scandal worries citizens, Congress

Logan Badgett, Staff Writer May 7, 2018

    The reluctancy of individuals to hold corporations accountable for the usage of private data leads to further degradation of American public safety.     For over 80 million people, including...

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