Winter Guard holds annual Exhibition

The 3rd annual Winter Guard Exhibition will take place this Friday, Mar. 21. The show will begin in the gymnasium at 7 p.m. and features not only the Plano Winter Guard, but performances from other schools as well.

The Winter Guard performance is distinct from Color Guard because it will feature them separately and takes place indoors.

The event will allow groups to prepare for Winter Guard International (WGI) championships, which will take place April 3-4. According to the WGI, it “is called the Sport of the Arts because it brings music to life through performance in a competitive format.”

In addition, there will be solo and ensembles from different individuals, such as Senior and Guard captain Becca Deschner. She will be performing a solo she personally choreographed.

“I’m looking forward to the show because it’s dark and cool,” Deschner said. “I like how there’s no stress about it. There’s no one judging you and you just perform for your friends. It’s kind of more for yourself than it is for someone else. It’s a nice feeling.”

Deschner, a member of Color Guard since her freshman year, joined to make friends before she started high school.

“I ended up loving it,” Deschner said. “I was so shy when I was little, but Color Guard gave me confidence. Now, I love performing in front of thousands of people. You feel kind of cool that you can throw a sword or rifle in the air and catch it. I love the energy of it.”

According to Deschner, the show has been growing since it first began three years ago with an audience turnout of about two-thirds of the stands full. Those who attend can expect to see the Winter Guard perform their show on a floor mat along with other programs to keep the audience engaged.

“We’re hoping to get more and more people to come and get excited about it,” Deschner said. “It’s different every year.”