Pros of having a job

Amelia Bautz, Staff Writer

Many teenagers feel the need to get jobs in order to prepare for college while they are still in high school.

Having a job in high school can prepare teenagers for the adult responsibilities that they will have after they go off to college.

When the topic of college is brought up, a common concern teenagers have is cost. One major benefit of having a job in high school is the ability to accumulate money for college.

If students have money set aside before leaving for college, there will be less financial stress for that period of time when students are searching for a new job.

While saving money for college is certainly beneficial, not all of the money a student earns has to be put towards school; students may also have bills to pay or just want to spend some money for themselves after all their hard work.

An important skill learned from having a job in high school is money management. If students learn how to manage their money at a time when it is less
crucial, it not only helps students prioritize their finances, but also aids in the decision making process when it comes to buying certain products.

However, money is not everything when it comes to having a job. There are skills that students can improve on and acquire when entering the workforce that can be useful after college.

Time management is an important skill taught to teenagers who have jobs in high school. High school students have a busy life; juggling classes, pulling frequent allnighters in order to get an “A” on an upcoming test whilst also trying to have some personal time.

While having a job may seem like it would hinder a teenager’s already packed schedule, having a job can teach a teenager to spend their time more efficiently.

In the world beyond college, adults have a multitude of responsibilities that have to be managed, even more so than teenagers. If teens learn to manage their time between classes, a job and a social life and in high school, they will be better prepared for the responsibilities to be faced in the “real world.”

People typically associate themselves with others that they share the same interests, beliefs and attitudes as them. Having a job in high school can help teenagers realize that not everyone is the exact same as them.

Having a job in high school allows teenagers to get their feet wet before entering the “real world,” while not completely submerging them in what lies from college and beyond.