Another Defeat: Plano loses to West

Maddie Patton, Staff Writer

     Down 10 points in the first quarter, the girls’ basketball team’s first game against West this season started and ended in a rough position on the scoreboard.

     The wolves were relentless in defending their court, and had several fouls. The girls pushed back, and juniors Nicole Alcaraz and Wilma Afunugo scored the first shots for Plano.

     Plano fans screamed as numerous West fouls went unnoticed by the referees. In the second quarter, junior Binna Kim was put in to try to regain some momentum in the game. She scored Plano’s first three-point-shot, bringing the score to 19. Senior Stephanie Afunugo shot a free throw after a foul from the opponent. At the end of the half, the score was 40 to 21 in favor of Plano West.

     In the third quareter, the girls gained only 10 points, but it was not enough to surpass West’s 55 points. Both teams were given countless fouls against one another. The girls scored seven points in the final quarter, but the clock ran out with the ending score of 60 to 38.

     The next game is Friday Jan. 11 against Hebron. Plano will play West again on Feb. 7.